Why do I ask you to choose a collection in advance?

There are a few reasons which I'll outline here for you.
It removes any uncertainty and stress for you. This should be an amazing and exciting experience for you. Knowing exactly what you will be investing into it will remove any fear of a high pressure sale.

You know exactly what you will receive for your investment. You can plan how your images will look in your home and I can plan a shoot list that I know will deliver the images to fulfil your order.

You know that it is definately something that you want to do. By commiting to a collection it means that you have thought through the whole process involved in a photography shoot and you're excited for it.

I am that confident in chosing your collection first, that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarentee. This means that should you not wish to purchase any images from your session you will receive a refund. This will be discussed in more detail prior to your booking being finalised.

Would you like digitals with that?

The collections above are all purely a starting point for you to choose from. It is the minimum that you know you will be walking away with.

You can choose to add items to enhance your collection.
Digital copies of your images provided on USB, for you to print yourselves. Starting from £100
Additional gift prints for family members Starting from £100.

Would you like to go large with your order?

There are two choices for this.
Upgrade of single wall art to a multi wall art grouping.
As part of your booking process you will get to see all the add on options available to you with full pricing information so that you can come prepared for the option to upgrade.

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