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So how did I get here?

My 13th birthday present was something I had longed for from the very beginning of time! A dog. Not just any dog ….. but my very own little snorting, sneezing, farting pug! I was instantly in love and spent as much time with her as possible. She gave me some of the best memories and the best childhood I could have wished for and when I held her in my arms as it was time to say goodbye I thanked her for all she had given me. When I felt her slip away a part of me left with her. To help me in that moment I ordered as many prints and wall art of her as I could find and afford at the time. Having those beautiful images of her decorating my home and office helped me massively. In that moment I decided I wanted to photograph dogs. I wanted to immortalise our fur babies in the beauty of art. To celebrate their uniqueness and display them proudly in our homes. I decided to work with the best printing companies in the UK to provide my dog parents with the absolute best quality art of their fur babies. Art that you will love and will have guests complimenting.